Update for the Fans


2 years ago

Hey, Aquarium. Guys. This is Robbie. We're just giving you a quick update on what's going on this week. We're not going to be putting on an episode. Unfortunately, the last two weeks have been pretty rough for us. We've had a couple of COVID scares and quarantine lockdowns. I've been dealing with kidney stones and I'm glad my penis didn't fall off, so that's a good thing. But definitely to break from the podcast this week. We will be returning, if all things are going as planned next week. At the same time that you always get your podcasts, we should have the next podcast come out about rainbow fish. So stay tuned. Also, for those that are listening, please keep sending in those amazing stories. We want to feature your stories for Story Time Four. So if you have any crazy aquarium stories or mistakes successes, we want to hear about them, go to email them to aquariumguys@gmail.com. Love to get them. We'll pick our favorites. Guys, thanks so much for this wonderful year and a half. I think this is the first time we've actually taken a real break. It's certainly much deserved. So we're excited to see you next week. Don't forget about us. We're taking one week off. We're going to get back on this horse and nail a couple of great episodes and see if we can get Joe tyson from Joe shrimp. Check live on the podcast in person. wink, wink. Until next week, gentlemen. Incoming message. Jimmy says I should punch myself on that, then never mind. bye, guys. bye.

Episode Notes

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